About Us

Founded in the year 2020, www.zatpatmart.com , is one web extension of www.zatpatmachines.com brings all products of Metal, Plastic & Wood by SMEs. Though we are new, we are guided by considerable experience and knowledge. Whole group of Zatpat machines headed is by Pankaj Patel – an Indian industry maven who brings with him over two decades of experience in the domain through original company Heta Services, www.Hetaservices.in

Our philosophy

Zatpat is an Indian word, which means rapid, and this embodies our outlook towards our clients. We have an uncomplicated approach to our business and believe that a customer centric methodology is the way to move ahead.

Our focus

We aim to promote engineering capability of jobshops who process Metal, Plastic and wood as BASE material.. Our team is vastly experienced metal forming, metal cutting, plastic technology and wood processing machines, which ultimately can extend this experience in tools & Spares.


  • Promotion of Jobshop -Promote Jobshops as Product manufacturer and make it accessible to the world.
  • Reduce cycle time of Sub-Contracting / Jobwork  related with Metal, Plastic and Wood processing.
  • Make a transperent marketplace for engineering jobshops.


Our portfolio ( Metal, Plastic & Wood Processing Machines )